Telegraf - vSphere - Datastore utilization data

I started using telegraf for our environment and so far it has been very friendly to set up and work with.
I would like to know if there is a way to get space utilization data for the datastore ?
Things like how much space is occupied by VMs, snapshots etc.
vSphere has a way to show this (see pic) but I would love it as grafana dashboard and use it to make timeplot of the increasing snapshot file size. This would be very useful for our environment as more and more of our users are deciding to use snapshots as a backup :slight_smile:

Also, I would be interested to know if there is anything metric related to snapshots captured ?

I’m a bit limited in how much I can help, since I’m basing my information on a vSphere simulator which can be a bit different from the actual product. Here is a full list of the datastore metrics when ran against the simulator, and it doesn’t appear to have snapshot level metrics:

vsphere_datastore_datastore,dcname=DC0,dsname=instance-total,host=loaner,lun=instance-total,moid=/tmp/govcsim-DC0-LocalDS_0-893803724@folder-5,source=LocalDS_0,vcenter= read_average=25i,throughput_usage_average=564i,write_average=597i 1570499160000000000
vsphere_datastore_disk,dcname=DC0,disk=*,dsname=LocalDS_0,host=loaner,moid=/tmp/govcsim-DC0-LocalDS_0-893803724@folder-5,source=LocalDS_0,vcenter= capacity_usage_average=104783298i,provisioned_latest=3361405625i,used_latest=243431487i 1570499160000000000
vsphere_datastore_disk,dcname=DC0,disk=instance-total,dsname=LocalDS_0,host=loaner,moid=/tmp/govcsim-DC0-LocalDS_0-893803724@folder-5,source=LocalDS_0,vcenter= capacity_contention_average=1052.86,capacity_latest=354874161i,capacity_provisioned_average=4540578030i,capacity_usage_average=208189027i,provisioned_latest=2377234900i,used_latest=105879425i 1570498560000000000

It might be possible to add this feature though, could you create a new feature request issue on GitHub for this?