[UX] Document versioning: from Google to InflluxData documentation


as I am using InfluxDB (also, Telegraf) for implementing a monitoring stack for our internal use, IMO this is quite an annoying thing for us, users. What is it ?

When looking up on Google like influxdb show measurements, sometimes it shows multiple version of docs’ same page; in most cases it don’t shows the latest one.
Then, on clicking the first (or, second) I expect it to take me to the documentation page of InfluxDB; and to its latest version; Not to its older version.
It don’t happen right now; rather it shows that this page is older. Then, I have switch manually. For any user who’s repeatedly looking for things, it’s frustrating experience.

If I’m explicitly looking up for older docs, I can always switch. But, most of the cases it’s not the case.

For an “ideal” example, I’d refer to Django documentation. Just lookup for “Django queryset”. You’ll notice

  • Google not showing the older editions (possibly, can be configured through its Webmaster tools). You have to switch on site.
  • even it comes up, Django site takes you the latest, and shows an alert or something.

I understand that under development-speed of InfluxData team, it can be a non-priority right now. But the discussion can take place what can be a win-win solution.

Pics for reference: