InfluxDB 1.2 Download Links

Dear Support Team,
I need to get access to the release with UI interface version 1.2 or below with armhf architecture like influxdbinfluxdb-1.0.2_linux_armhf.tar.gz or similar for download.
Could you please help to find it ? I found this one but there is only PGP signature. I need binaries.

Hi @Tomas ,
Welcome to the community. I am a little lost on what version you are looking for. 1.X was headless with an integrated command-line interface. 2.X contains the web-based UI

@Tomas Are you sure you need 1.2 or below? It is very old, this version is from 2017 or earlier.
If you need an UI for InfluxDB 1.x you have to install Chronograf, this is a separate application.
You find the latest ARMv7 and ARMv8 downloads for both here:

under the last chapter:

Are you interested in InfluxDB 1.x Open Source?

Previous releases of InfluxDB 1.x and Chronograf can be found here:


The admin UI (port 8083 ) remains officially deprecated and disabled in this release. It can be re-enabled in the configuration file, but will be removed in a future release.

So it means if I want built in UI with influxdb I need version up to 1.2 ? Is that correct ?

Yes, but I need binaries not source code.

Hi @Tomas,
Is there a reason why you want to drop back to such an early version except for the deprecated UI? We have not supported these builds for quite a while.

As @Franky1 said the latest binaries are located here:

Yes, the reason is that there is UI together with influxdb. Is this seriously issue for you to provide such binary version ?

Considering this binary is more than 5 years old…we may have purged it. Although, I don’t recall if we even built the binary for ARM v7 at that time. I will poke around to see what I can find.

Yes it has been built for arm. You can see PGP still visible for this version here: