Official InfluxDB package repo

Hi all,

On Downloads shows InfluxDB 1.3.6 is available; however, I don’t see that version in the official repo @ I’ve see this many times for Chronograf but this is the first time for InfluxDB. Is this expected?


We have been rebuilding the CI and package building pipeline for InfluxDB and have been finding things like this along the way. Thanks for the heads-up; we’ll re-enable posting to with the 1.3.7 maintenance build.


That would be great. Thanks.

Dear all,
there is the same problem again with the new version 1.4.*. It is available for download on your website, but not in the package repository.


I am using Debian Stretch,
Influxdb and Chronograf is not same version on download page as you will find on Repo

Hi @ryan, can you take a look?

Nobody that can fix this?

Now it seems to be that InfluxDB has been change to 1.4.2, thanks.

Maybe not very important but chronograf is 1.3.9 on repos but you can download 1.3.10

Telegraf version 1.5.1 is available from your download page but not from repo

Telegraf 1.5.3 is available from both the downloads and from repos, we only have the latest version of each package in repos.

sorry, my mistake. it was meant to write InfluxDB 1.5.1 is not available on Repo

InfluxDB 1.5.1 is now available from repo.

Similar to the other postings in this thread - The docs say that InfluxDB 1.7 is available, yet InfluxDB - Package Repository only shows up to

Can someone kick your CI pipeline please :slight_smile:

and again!
InfluxDB - Package Repository only has 1.7.4 yet Downloads says 1.7.5 is available.

Chronograf 1.7.12 is available on your download page but not in Repo, is it possible to fix this?