Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.5.3, Chronograf, and Kapacitor 1.4.1

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Three maintenance releases are available now:

Each release delivers a small number of fixes to address issues reported through the community and by our customers.

The binaries for the open source release can be found on our downloads page.

  • Enterprise Kapacitor 1.4.1 is also available and contains the same fixes included in the open source edition.
For our InfluxEnterprise customers, log in to the InfluxEnterprise portal and download the binaries from there.
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Is there a reason that older versions get removed from the debian repository immediately when there’s a new release? We pin external software versions in our configuration management so that changes don’t catch us off guard, but that means it breaks when Influxdata does a release and removes the last version from the repo. Can you kindly keep the last 6-12 months of releases?


This is definitely something we want to support, however doing so is not quite as simple as it would seem. We are using reprepro to build the Debian repository and it only supports a single version of any given package.