InfluxDB Admin UI Question (Not Regarding Deprecation)

I’m running InfluxDB 1.2 with my software projects currently, and I thoroughly preferred using the Admin UI that was recently deprecated and soon to be removed.

While I totally understand not wanting to support an Admin UI on top of everything else, this does limit the usage to individuals who learn Chronograf or who have command line access to InfluxDB.

I really haven’t seen much chatter about it’s removal, so that led me to believe that a UI isn’t that important of a feature to most users.

That being said, my work has just adopted InfluxDB (1.2) for time-series metrics, and there is a need to retrieve data out of these databases. There are a few people working on writing an app that will retrieve data and are hard-coding HTTP API calls.

Is anyone aware of any tool that will let you either

  1. Make calls from a browser UI and see the response, besides configuring visuals in Chronograf?
  2. Auto-generate HTTP API calls based on dropdown inputs, or pre-configured measurements/points?

If there really isn’t anything, I think I’ll develop something that is similar to the Admin UI as it’s something people from my work would benefit immensely from. It’ll be Open Source of course!

Thanks for any info! I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I’ll contribute to something existing!

@Steven_PG Thanks for the question! The Data Explorer in Chronograf has the ability to run raw queries and get the results in table format. From there you can take your queries and put them into HTTP API calls (q=SHOW%40MEASREMENTS). Does this work for your usecase?

It definitely works for the users writing the APIs, but I’m concerned about usability by non-programmers.

“With Chronograf we want to give users something that is targeted not just at DevOps users, or developers, but also non-programmers in other areas of an organization.”

As terrible as it sounds, my concern comes from the following:
"Chronograf will follow a freemium model. It’ll be free to use in an unlimited fashion for a single user. If you want to enable features around multiple users, teams, and security, it’ll be licensed per user, per year. However, the initial releases for the next few months will be completely free to use as we build up the feature set and improve things. "

Not that the licensing model is bad in any way, but my organization is more likely to use grafana and pay someone to generate dashboards 24x7 then license (at least in the near future).

I’ll certainly present Chronograf as a possible use-case, but are you aware of any admin projects going on externally/unofficially? (My google-fu has resulted in nothing so far)

@Steven_PG That is a statement about an older version of chronograf. We have thrown out all that code, refactored and done so in the open. The new version is completely Open Source. We also have Github, Heroku, and Google Oauth for authentication. The old model you referenced doesn’t apply to the newer version of the software. Chronograf is aimed at being a tool for non-programmers and people who are not familiar with the TICK stack.

There are no other official or unofficial dashboarding projects currently.

Sorry about that! Jumped the gun a bit.

Thanks for the info and prompt replies, I’m going to assemble and present Chronograf to the team in question.

I noticed dockerhub still has Chronograf:latest pointing to 0.13, but looks like 1.2. The latest build looks great!

If Chronograf doesn’t work well for the team, maybe we’ll create an admin panel of our own, could be beneficial!

Thanks again