[POLL] Chronograf packaged as a standalone desktop application?


Hi, I’m a product manager at InfluxData and we are considering a request to create a standalone desktop application for Chronograf which would allow you to access the UI without a web browser by double clicking an icon on your computer. We are looking for community feedback either for or against the idea. Is this something you think would be useful? Why or why not? Can you share any use-cases that this would help solve?

  • Yes, a standalone Chronograf desktop application would be great.
  • No, a standalone Chronograf desktop application would not be useful for me.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!



Would there be a built in editor and way to connect to the Kapacitor or Influx instances?

I ask because currently i generate the template for the scripts in Chronograf and then copy them over to Visual Studio to edit them (it works better). The only down side is FTP’ing the files each time.


Hi Philb, Ideally it would be the same functionality as we have in the browser today, so yes, it would connect to Kapacitor and InfluxDB. Do you use the TICKscript syntax highlighter for Visual Studio?




Yeah i have the TICKscript syntax add on for VS. It’s a pretty useful tool for editing scripts. I know the newer Chronograf has an editor but i run everything on the same VM when i’m testing so it gets a bit laggy with everything running.

A dedicate tick script editor would be a nice touch if it connects to everything though. Personally it’s tedious with the FTP. It would be pretty cool if there was built in ftp to upload the scripts to the server.

To be honest though, i’m new to the TICK stack as a whole so i’m not sure what features i’d want to see overall.


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