InfluxDB Version 1.7.10 disappeared

Version 1.7.10 disappeared from Changelog
and Download history, as if it never existed!

Since is was available as the latest for the last couple of months,
we are using it in production and need to install it and refer back to changes in it.
However it is now a ghost and we are not sure if there is serious problem with this version
that InfluxData tries to hide?

P.S. I would also like to download previous versions, similar to

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the issue! I will track down why the changelog for master-1.x branch doesn’t have all the 1.x releases in it. Here’s a link to the 1.7.10 changelog you can use for now:

as far as downloading older versions of our software, you can do it by just changing the version in the URL. Just grab whatever url you need from the download’s page and change the version:

They are all there. Our general recommendation is to drive users towards the newest version of our software, so i’m not sure we will create a site specifically for downloading old versions, but I will float the idea and see what the team thinks.


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This was an oversight on our part. As part of the documentation process, the contents of the previous version are copied forward at a particular point in time. Unfortunately, between the initial copy and the release of 1.8, the 1.7.10 release appeared.

All releases, and their associated documentation set, are available – if you need a specific version, you can scroll down to the versions section in the left-hand nav panel and click on it. We tend to maintain the current release and the previous (i.e. 1.8 and 1.7 currently)…unless there is something really significant that needs to be updated.

So sorry for the confusion. If we “remove” a release, we would definitely post a warning message about it along with the details. But, that is not the case here.

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