InfluxDB 1.7.11 Download Links

This is a maintenance release of InfluxDB on a non-current version. This version is provided with the associated fixes to support community members who desire these fixes and do not wish to upgrade to a more current version at this time. Keep in mind that the current version of InfluxDB in the 1.x line is 1.8. Of course, InfluxDB v2.0.x is the latest across all versions! We recently expanded support for users running within Docker.

Ubuntu & Debian

SHA256: 2855ecb23bef37d5d13e4ed481aca5c8bd01687ed8cab1e0e146155b255ebcb5


sudo dpkg -i influxdb_1.7.11_amd64.deb

RedHat & CentOS

SHA256: 013ba4119e110e2529244841a1e30183c1854fdd81514757fa1c6097b1f4f179


sudo yum localinstall influxdb-1.7.11.x86_64.rpm

Mac OS X

SHA256: 9ae00448482c45e1621b578ea493d89fc6a17453292f8427553e29347321faef

tar zxvf influxdb-1.7.11_darwin_amd64.tar.gz

Windows Binaries (64-bit)

SHA256: 15d51b35c29d93f840bcb78c0c2cbd2680c51191d201b9c20478567fc810950b


Linux Binaries (64-bit)

SHA256: e963c1bed2ee75ea7fa6d13fc13da309a073da32868b910a45a5f68475b53816


tar xvfz influxdb-1.7.11_linux_amd64.tar.gz

Linux Binaries (64-bit, static)

SHA256: 28ede99fb8acfff19d7931c580f3ead9570d92de897b9f7d1a4e0a731ed51525


tar xvfz influxdb-1.7.11-static_linux_amd64.tar.gz

Linux Binaries (32-bit)

SHA256: 608e2592069ce366974662f06f0e5307cdaea2c85d7f20388e1eec27d5a979fe


tar xvfz influxdb-1.7.11_linux_i386.tar.gz

Linux Binaries (ARM)

SHA256: 2dd7f13ef123cb7cfbb8fc11e74485f26d26fe7a09c26925f12a2cdf665c9fb7


tar xvfz influxdb-1.7.11_linux_armhf.tar.gz

Looking for InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.11? If you need access to this specific release, please contact support for assistance with the download links.