InfluxDB packages for previous versions?


We currently have on one of our production systems InfluxDB 0.9.5 on a Ubuntu 14.04.
Due to other priorities we haven’t upgrade’t in about one year. All went well, time was invested in other places.
Now we want to upgrade to 1.2.2.
According to the docs we should first upgrade to 0.10, then 0.12 (with dump, restore) and so on until we get to 1.2
As such we need packages for previous versions of InfluxDB (0.10.3, 0.11, 0.12, etc)
All I could find was

Thank you



That should get you there! I would warn you that there were some configuration file changes between then and now, and the name of the DEFAULT retention policy changed from default to autogen in the full stack. This has lead to some issues. Easy to fix once you know about it! I’ve done this upgrade on a couple of systems I run internally and its pretty smooth otherwise.

Good luck!