What's new in Influxdb 1.7.9?

My system pulled 1.7.9 from the repo on the 27th, but there are no Changelog notes, release notes, or blog posts associated and I am (again) seeing weird memory behavior either due to Influxdb or Icinga2. Why the phantom release?

Hi jered, Thanks for posting! We will get the blog posted and the release notes updated in the docs, but you can always check the changelog on the 1.7 branch of InfluxDB for the latest changes: https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb/blob/1.7/CHANGELOG.md#v179-2019-10-27

As for the weird memory behavior, if you think it’s a bug in the latest release, please let us know by opening an issue in https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb and our engineering team will take a look.

Thanks again,

Release blog published.

Release Notes:

Sorry, we were pulling all the things together. Docs, blog, etc. all updated now. If you are seeing something strange, please let us know!

Hi Russ,

Thanks! I guess i wasn’t looking on the right branch.

I’ll try to debug the problem more before opening an issue – both times previously these have been Icinga2 bugs leaking fds.