When can we expect new release for InfluxDB OSS?

Does anybody know when can we expect new release for InfluxDB OSS ? Currently, last version is 2.6.1 from 29.12.2022. I am particularly interested in updates regarding stability since I saw a lot of issues on github regarding crashing (due to out of memory or other) that are still not solved.


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Hello @ldrascic,
That is a fantastic question. If you get the answer please let me know lololol sorry.
The company is currently heads down with InfluxDB Cloud powered by IOx and delivering the new storage engine. I’m not sure we have an eta for that yet as decisions are still being made around what will be included and when the new storage engine will be available in OSS.
Keep applying pressure though! :slight_smile:

Actually a very timely question. InfluxDB 2.7.0 should release any day now.

As InfluxDB 2.7 is now released, I am wondering if there is still somebody looking into Flux issues?

E.g., No result after map() without _time column · Issue #5374 · influxdata/flux · GitHub and Allow empty tables in if/else constructs · Issue #5378 · influxdata/flux · GitHub got zero answer and are now flagged for auto close.
But it looks to me like generally no issues in the repo were answered recently.

Thanks, and am looking forward to giving 2.7 a try.