Using Influxdb 2.7.4 or 3.0 as a opensource db without limitations


I am using opensource 1.8 influxdb version.
I need to upgrade and continue opensource.
Which one should i choose to use without any limitation on premises, free.
2.7.4? or 3.0?
I have 140 GB data in 1.8. version.
So which one should i pass free without paying as opensource.
Does 2.7.4 and 3.0 opensource versions has any limitations?


The open source self hosted binaries aren’t yet available. I’m still hoping they will be before the holidays.

If I was in your position I would hold out and wait for v3. Take a look at their performance numbers

If these hold true, the reason for all the v1 and v2 users to migrate becomes extremely compelling. On that basis eventually even support for v2 will fade off once everyone is on v3.

Thank you for your answer. We need to switch to v2 quickly. What are the limitations of v2.7.4? We have 140GB of data and millions of measurement points. Will we encounter any limitations in terms of data size or number of measurement points if we install v2.7.4? Will there be any usage and sizing limitations between the open source version and the paid version v2.7.4 ?

I asked Bard AI. It told me below :

The free tier of InfluxDB 2.0 has a data limit of 1 million measurement points and 10 GB of data.
Is this true? Will there be any usage and sizing limitations between the open source version and the paid version v2.7.4 ?

Believe that’s only true for cloud hosted , if you self host I think the only limits are you hardware (although there may be other factors like your data cardinality)

Edit- why the urgency to migrate now?

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Thanks alot for your answer. Valuablme information for us.
We are having performance issues with 1.8 version.
Influxdb service is filling and consuming all the memory of the server. It was 64GB memory.
We increased the memory to 96GB. But 2 days later it filled that 96GB memory too.
So this effectsn every application on this server. Grafana and influxdb integration also.
Every 4-5 days i need to restart the influxdb service to relax the influxdb server and decrease memory usage. It decrease to 16-18GB influxdb service usage. But then it fulls and consumes all 96GB. While we wre using 1.7 version we didnt have this kind of problem.
This problem began after migrating from 1.7 to 1.8 version.
So we think there is problem with this 1.8 version. So we believe 2.7.4 version will not have this problem and will solve problem.

If you made a backup of the data prior to the upgrade, I would honestly do a downgrade back to the version you had before and then copy over the data. That’s a known reference point. If you run this on vm , clone it and keep the current setup with new hostname and ip, and try the downgrade of your original server.

There’s also other factors too why mem usage changed. Eg

Has someone altered the queries they are running against the db? (Including grafana users who can modify dashboard queries).

Has a different data load been added to the system, eg someone innocuously making everything a tag instead of only the few required tags and rest as fields

If either of those are the cause then even upgrading to v2 probably won’t fix the issue (for very long)

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For the v2.7.4 version opensource. We dont have to pay, right? It is opensource and free, even we have 140GB data and millions of measurement point.