Using dot in measurement name

Is using a “.” allowed in measurement name? I guess not, but getting no error for INSERT and vague error for SELECT query.

INSERT abc.dAvg,signature=test\ 800 name=“ABC800” 1514793600
select * from abc.dAvg
ERR: retention policy not found: abc

Thanks in advance for your inputs,

I’d recommend against this for a few reasons. The “.” notation is used to represent . in InfluxDB. So, if you go down this path, it is likely to be confusing to you – and potentially other users.

Suggest using an _ (underscore)?

INSERT abc_dAvg,signature=test\ 800 name=“ABC800” 1514793600
select * from abc_dAvg
name: abc_dAvg
time       name   signature
----       ----   ---------
1514793600 ABC800 test 800

I would suggest uploading data through HTTP in a bulk rather than with INSERT command of InfluxQL.
HTTP endpoint has no problems accepting measurements with “.”.

I think INSERT statement is confusing “.” with space, because it supports retention policy as optional first parameter.