INSERT Problems

I’m starting with INFLUXDB with a earlier created Database and I’am new (an speak German) - sorry.
Thera are two main problems with the INSERT-Command.
The measurement is called Gebäude - there are probably problems with the “ä”. In case of select it works with “Gebäude” (double-quoted), but in the Insert command that will create a new measurement “Gebäude”.
The second problem is: the field key in named Default. But I assume that there are problems with Default because it is a keyword.
I want to insert: value 100 to field key = Default in measurement=Gebäude.
I hope I can get help in this community.
Thank you.

PS: in other cases / measurements it works with this:
insert FRONIUStotalEnergy AQ=4924.330 1648493190000000000
insert Gebäude Default=100 1648493190000000000
doesn’t work.

I’d call it a common suggestion, but avoid using special chars when possible, as they are often troublesome, for the software itself or accessory tools… (clients etc).

That said, if it worked once, I expect it to keep working… If you are using InflxDB1, the insert command can be run only on the CLI and it accepts line protocol, which has some quoting rules.

About the field named default, it should not be a problem, as the only reserved keyowrds are:

Note: Avoid using the reserved keys _field , _measurement , and time . If reserved keys are included as a tag or field key, the associated point is discarded.

I don’t know why your insert is not working, does it return any error?
does it create something like Geb?ude ?
If you have no errors, I suggest you look around the DB looking for strange named measurements as I’ve seen that issue several times… but it’s usually up to the client that sends the data, which is unable to encode some chars, turning everything into a mess…

First of all thanks for the answer.
She really helped. I’m using INFLUXDB 1 CLI.
Unfortunately I was only able to check now…
The DB was not created by me, but filled by sensors, the names of the measurements are set there - so I can’t change them.
I also found some really weird measurements with ““xy”” and meanwhile I’ve cleaned up the DB.
Now I’m satisfied for the time being - there were actually two problems:

  • correct quoting (double quote"
  • no quotes at all (with insert)

Thanks again.