Undefined but requested output: influxdb_v2

Getting below error while running telegraf on host machine [Machine does not have root permission]

2021/07/02 15:33:24 I! Using config file: /users/gen/oneview/.telegraf/telegraf.conf
2021/07/02 15:33:24 E! Error parsing /users/gen/oneview/.telegraf/telegraf.conf, Undefined but requested output: influxdb_v2

------ config file-----

Configuration for sending metrics to InfluxDB


## The URLs of the InfluxDB cluster nodes.

## Multiple URLs can be specified for a single cluster, only ONE of the

## urls will be written to each interval.

## ex: urls = [“https://us-west-2-1.aws.cloud2.influxdata.com”]

urls = [“http://****************:8086”]

## Token for authentication.

token = “$INFLUX_TOKEN”
#token = “PZichKfo3wQLo35-K-5UqFlvm3whcnP-uQXM6AnxSZf0XNHOMjVP8fxzNLD2EhaxkBfV0_FJHV4qj6j5Xgx_AA==”

## Organization is the name of the organization you wish to write to; must exist.

organization = “***”

## Destination bucket to write into.

bucket = “telegraf”

which version of telegraf are you running?
if it’s an old version it might not have outputs.influxdb_v2

otherwise, it can be a

  • a typo (but looks fine to me)
  • you are using a custom build, and that plugin was not included
  • a bug

Got the solution, issue was due to version mix match, i am using latest version and was using config file from old telegraf version.

Thanks a lot for checking my post.
Lesson Learnt - Always have same version on all servers and use same config file.

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