Telegraf not reading variables on /etc/defaut/telegraf

I opened an issue #13386 but it was closed. My issues was about starting telegraf, which was solved. But now i getting another issue about “failed to write metric to $INFLUX_BUCKET (401 Unauthorized): unauthorized: unauthorized access”. The problem is caused because telegraf is not reading the enviroment on /etc/default/telegraf. If i put all the information direct on /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf it works fine. Does anybody knows how to fix this issue?

Hello @bar81,
Can you please share your config file? Thank you.
Also you might want to verify that your token has access to that bucket. I recommend trying with just an all access token for testing, and then scoping your token if you need to.

Hi, i fixed it already. It was the user that i was using. I exported the variables and it worked fine. Thank you