Unauthorized access the Influxdb 2 OSS UI with the current credentials

When i tried to logging into the Influx 2 OSS UI with the admin credentials, I got an error with the message: “unauthorized access” The complete message is:

On the cmd:

2023-10-05T14:13:11.755451Z error api error encountered {“log_id”: “0k_apTrl000”, “handler”: “session”, “error”: “unauthorized access”}

On the UI interface:

Anybody would help me?

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Hello @Integradora_Felipe,
I’m not sure…what level user are you?
What region is your account in?
I might suggest contacting premium support if you’re a paying customer

Otherwise can you please message me your email associated with the account and the region?

Same problem.

I upgraded to latest version and can not log in. When I stop server and run it manually, then I can login, but running it as service do not work.
In log there is error:
lvl=error msg=“api error encountered” log_id=0num0cRW000 handler=session error=“unauthorized access”