UI configuration not exposed to the CLI?

Hello. I am very new to Influx so I’m trying to learn how to get started.

I’ve installed influxdb and influx-cli, and then started influxd in macOS which is running fine so far:

influx version
Influx CLI 2.7.3 (git: 8b962c7e75) build_date: 2023-04-28T14:22:49Z

influxd version
InfluxDB 2.7.1 (git: 407fa622e9) build_date: 2023-04-27T19:36:53Z
> brew services G influx
influxdb      started         yjmrs  ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.influxdb.plist

I have already exported an INFLUX_TOKEN
export INFLUX_TOKEN=blablatoken

When I go to the About in the UI at http://localhost:8086/, I can see my user ID and organization ID (yjmrs_org).

However, when I drop commands to the CLI:

influx config list
Active	Name	URL	Org

influx org list -t blablatoken
ID	Name

influx bucket find --org yjmrs_org -t blablatoken
ID	Name	Retention	Shard group duration	Organization ID	Schema Type                          272ms
 ~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So it seems the UI settings configured through UI are not exposed to the CLI?

Please let me know any missing information.

Hello @yjmrs,
That’s odd.
You should be able to see your buckets created by the UI.
If you create a bucket with the CLI I don’t expect you to see it in the UI but not this way around.
How did you confirm you successfully created a bucket in the UI?
You might need to restart services first.