Udp stats collection encryption

I’d like to setup UDP stats collection for my influx instance, but it appears UDP is not encrypted (my stats are traveling over the internet). Is there anything on the roadmap to support this, or should I implement and submit my own patch for consideration? I’m thinking just a shared key configuration on influx.conf [[udp]] and then the corresponding key set for the client config. Or maybe I’m just doing it all wrong and I need to be schooled. Thoughts/opinions? Thanks!

Aren’t you concerned about packet loss when sending UDP across the internet?

You can set up a local telegraf instance on the same network as the machines emitting the data and enable telegraf’s UDP input with the influxdb output, and run your remote influxdb instance on HTTPS. That should minimize UDP packet loss and will encrypt traffic across the internet.


Brilliant! Okay that sounds better–Thanks for the advice Mark.

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