Telegraf to remote InfluxDB in docker influx:1.0 container


Hi, I’m trying to understand if this is even something that is supported? Or if i’m missing something.
I am running telegraf and i want to store the metrics on a remote server.
I have tried both the http and udp endpoints, there is no issue with the connection between the servers, and the influxdb:1.0 docker image has the ports bound:>8083/tcp,>8086/tcp,>21337/udp

The influx conf:

  enabled = true
  bind-address = ":21337"
  database = "udp"
  retention-policy = ""
  batch-size = 5000
  batch-pending = 10
  read-buffer = 0
  batch-timeout = "1s"
  precision = ""

Telegraf conf :


  urls = ["udp://ip:21337"] # required
  database = "test" # required
  retention_policy = ""
  write_consistency = "any"
  timeout = "5s"

I can see the data coming in if i run nc -ul 21337 on the influx db server but it’s just not populating the db?