UDP send data to InfluxDb2

Hello dear members,

I have a setup / system setup questions
I have already installed

What i want
Getting data form my PLC to influx
In my PLC i have setup a UDP connection to send data to influx
The data will be send about every 5 seconds.
This UDP packet contains
1 Tag-1, Value : 34.7893 ( real)
2 Tag-2, Value : True/False
3 Tag-3, Value : String/chars
4 Tag-4–50 , Value :123 etc tetc
So about 50 tag per UDP message.

I have already decided that influxdb will take care of the timestamping

So the question
Send directly to InfluxDb or do i need a telegraf plugin ?
Is Influxdb send a conformation/responce back on UDP messages ?

Iám very new to influxdb and do not have read all docs and maybe someone can point me to the right 1.

Send it to your Telegraf instance and use the inputs.socket_listener plugin, which also supports UDP protocol. There is no response for received UDP packets.