Trying to Export Shelly to Grafana

Hey Guys,

so im trying to Setup my Pi with a Shelly HT so I can log temperature Data (and I have absolutely no clue)
I installed Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana and Mosquitto with Docker containers, and everything is setup and running but even after adding my Data Source in Grafana I cannot select my Topic.
Now I think there is some issue between the different programs.

Now I attached my Telegraf.conf file, which I tried with both inputs.influxdb and inputs.influxdb_v2 enabled and only inputs.influxdb enabled.

Now im am not sure how to continue. Frankly I am not even sure if there is any Data being transmitted at all. I enabled MQTT in my Shelly Web Interface but doesnt MQTT need some Setup besides Starting Mosquitto and setting Telegraf Inputs.mqtt IP to the Mosquitto Docker IP?

Entering InfluxDB and using my sensors database trying “show measurements” simply skips to the next line and doesnt give me any results.

This is the Mega link for my telegraf.conf file: 273.7 KB file on MEGA


I think the problem comes from the data format as they are not “influx” formated : (InfluxDB line protocol tutorial | InfluxDB OSS 1.8 Documentation)

You should replace data_format = "influx" by :

data_format = "value"
data_type = "float"

Here is my telegraf config to get energy and power from my Shelly devices :

   servers = ["tcp://"]
   topics = [
  data_format = "value"
  data_type = "float"


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