Little guide for a newbie

Hello to everyone, first I use google translator, congratulations for the work in this forum I have seen very good articles that have helped me to decide to introduce myself in nfluxdb.
My idea to learn a bit is to capture data from mosquitto and save them in influxdb to later show them in grafana, I have everything installed in its latest versions and working correctly, but I can not pass the data from mosquitto to influxdb.
Telegraf connect ok with MQTT,
Can someone show me an example of how to achieve this?
Best regard

I’m not sure exactly where you are stuck, but assuming you are connecting to MQTT with a configuration like this:

  servers = ["tcp://localhost:1883"]
  topics = [
  data_format = "influx"

Then you can publish a message to any matching topic in line protocol format and Telegraf will insert it into InfluxDB, you can use the mosquitto_pub command to test:

mosquitto_pub -t telegraf/testing -m 'test_measurement value=42i'

hello, thanks for your time to answer, in my case it worked correctly when I modified these lines

servers=["localhost:1883] to servers=[“tcp://localhost:1883”]

now work´s great, thank´s