Timestamps accidentally inserted as tags

I have a kind of general question on how to deal with the following issue:
we have InfluxDB OSS 1.8.x and in one measurements we have stored by mistake the timestamp of each row as a tag value every 10 seconds for 10 days. This resulted in a large amount of tag values for the tag key timestamp. When trying to retrieve them, the database gets probably overloaded and starts dropping connections and refusing to execute queries.

I would like to somehow fix this issue. I know it’s not possible to remove the tags because they are part of the definition of a series. However, is there any strategy, for example by dumping data locally, deleting the one of the DB and then restoring it, or a query to duplicate only the fields, that allows me to get rid of those tag values?

Hello @grigolet,
You could try dropping the wrong series and then rewriting your data:

Where you don’t have incorrect tags.
Or depending on how much data you have you could use a client library to query the good data and then rewrite it to a new instance.

Hello @Anaisdg ,
thanks for the hint!
I eneded up doing the following:

Assuming to have a database test and a measurement mymeasurement with the following definition:

mymeasurement,host=myhost value=1.0 1689230446
mymeasurement,host=myhost value=2.0 1689230447 
mymeasurement,host=myhost value=2.0 1689230448 
mymeasurement,host=myhost value=2.0 1689230449
mymeasurement,host=myhost value=4.0 1689230450
mymeasurement,host=myhost value=5.0 1689230451
mymeasurement,host=myhost,timestamp=1689230452 value=1.0 1689230452
mymeasurement,host=myhost,timestamp=1689230453 value=2.0 1689230453
mymeasurement,host=myhost,timestamp=1689230454 value=3.0 1689230454
mymeasurement,host=myhost,timestamp=1689230455 value=4.0 1689230455
mymeasurement,host=myhost,timestamp=1689230456 value=5.0 1689230456
  • Query the data with the timestamp tag set and dumping it to a text file. Something like
influx -database test -execute "select * from mymeasurement where timestamp != '' " -format 'csv' > data_with_timestamp.csv

Which resulted in this:

  • Drop the series containing a timestamp:
influx -database test -execute "drop series from mymeasurement where timestamp != ''"
  • Fix the data in data_with_timestamp.csv file by removing the timestamp tag/values and then reimport the data with whatever tool