Fields are different but Tags are same still getting overwritten

I know that the InfluxDB handles duplicate tag entries with same timestamp as a single entry and it’s overwrites it in DB.
However, in my case, due to high sampling information I am encountering a case where timestamp and Tags are exactly the same but the field values are different and due to this those entries are getting overwritten.
Have anyone encountered with such issues? and how it can be solved ?
Here I am sharing the sample values.

TransactionDetails,BTID=BT02,FailureMessage=Success,ResponseCode=200,ResponseMessage=OK,ScenarioName=UploadUI,Success=true,TransID=RT01,TransName=Login-1,AllThreads=17i,Bytes=2838i,Connect=0i,Elasped=174i,Grpthreads=15i,IdleTime=0i,Latency=172i,SentBytes=2462i 1684385011900000000

TransactionDetails,BTID=BT02,FailureMessage=Success,ResponseCode=200,ResponseMessage=OK,ScenarioName=UploadUI,Success=true,TransID=RT01,TransName=Login-1,AllThreads=17i,Bytes=2861i,Connect=0i,Elasped=178i,Grpthreads=15i,IdleTime=0i,Latency=173i,SentBytes=2462i 1684385011900000000

Hello @jags,
Yes that behaviour is as expected. If you have the same tag values and timestamps but different field values then your points will get overwritten.
Are you using telegraf to write data?
You could try using a processor plugin to add tags to new similar points that you want to write. In general that would be the approach i suggest taking. Write a new tag for those points that are overwriting if you don’t want to overwrite :slight_smile: