TICK Alerting with agent interval in milliseconds, false alerting with value "0", in explorer no "0" visible_

I use the sandbox TICK stack and the alerting works fine as long as the telegraf interval is not in milliseconds. The problem occurs even if I use a high milliseconds interval like 500ms.

What else do I have to configure, that I will not get alerts with value “0”? There is no value 0 in the explorer of Chronograf, it is clearly a false alert.

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Chronograf Alert builder looks really weird. When the green wall starts, I switch interval from 1s to miliseconds.

Logs in TICK have nothing interesting.

Hello @maxmueller,
I’m not sure. Can you please share your telegraf config and your TICK script?
Thank you. I’ll make sure to share your question with experts as well. Thank you for your patience in advance.

It was my fault, I’m sorry. I overlooked that I used mean(“usage_idle”) in Chronograf explorer. Without mean I could see that there are 0 Values in the DB.

And what I saw in Chronograf Alert builder is the result of switching the interval, without deleting the old data.