Is it possible to use kapacitor with out telegraf running

Hi ,

I am planning to create an alert when
(1h_average - 7d_min) is 3 times higher than (7d_average – 7d_min)

I am using python script to write directly into the influxdb. Is it possible to use Kapacitor to create alerts like this ? with out the use of the telegraf.


Hello @BhanuKiran,
Yes absolutely. I recently did something similar and then I created the Kapacitor alert through the TICK script builder in Chronograf.

Hi @Anaisdg ,

I went through the documentation and it mentioned that most common alerts ( Threshold/static ceiling /Relative/Deadman switches etc) can be done through chronograph and more refined alerts should be declared directly in Kapacitor.

I don’t see how to create an alert that look like this
(1h_average - 7d_min) is 3 times higher than (7d_average – 7d_min) Using Tick script builder in chronograph. Can u point to more specific resource ?

Yes, I just point users to the Tick Script builder first as a starting point. I would look at some of these examples.

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