Kapacitor did not sent alert even after thresholds crossed

I have a RHEL5 server where telegraf is installed and it sends data to a influx server every 5 minute.
In kapactior we check for cpu with every=6m and period=7m.
and it did not sent the alert when thresholds crossed.
I also use the influx query from the kapacitor log for that time and output gave the cpu utilization crossed the thresholds.
and it did send alert for that server before and it is sending all the alerts afterwards.
It just missed only one alert.

Kapacitor version is 1.5.1

Amit, which alert handler are you using? Have you run the test connection to make sure the alert is configured?

I am using email and it is working as i got mails before the incident and after the incident.
I also got alert at same time for other metrics for different server. Only one alert was not triggered

Can you send the TICKscript or a screenshot?

Please find the output of kapacitor show

ID: cct_cpu_alert
Type: batch
Status: enabled
Executing: true
Created: 27 Nov 18 00:03 IST
Modified: 22 Feb 19 11:58 IST
LastEnabled: 22 Feb 19 11:58 IST
Databases Retention Policies: ["cct"."autogen"]
// database
var database = 'cct'

// measurement from where data is coming
var measurement = 'cpu'

// RP from where data is coming
var RP = 'autogen'

// which influx cluster to use
var clus = 'application'

// durations
var period = 7m

var every = 6m

// alerts
var warn = 20

var crit = 10

var alertName = 'cct_cpu_alert'

var triggerType = 'threshold'

    |query('''SELECT last("usage_idle") as "value" FROM "''' + string(database) + '''"."''' + string(RP) + '''"."''' + string(measurement) + '''" WHERE cpu = 'cpu-total' ''')
        .warn(lambda: "value" < warn)
        .crit(lambda: "value" < crit)
        .message('{{.Level}} CPU Idle as on {{ .Time.Local.Format "2006.01.02 - 15:04:05" }} is {{ index .Fields "value" | printf "%0.2f" }}% in {{ index .Tags "host" }} ')

 ENVIRONMENT      : Prod
 DEVICE TYPE      : {{ index .Tags "os" }}
 APPLICATION NAME : {{ index .Tags "app_stack" }}
 HOST NAME        : {{ index .Tags "host" }}
 IP ADDRESS       : {{ index .Tags "ip" }}
 DATE             : {{ .Time.Local.Format "2006.01.02 - 15:04:05" }}
 ITEM NAME        : CPU Idle (%)
 VALUE            : {{ index .Fields "value" | printf "%0.2f" }} %
 SEVERITY         : {{.Level}}
        .tag('alertName', alertName)

digraph cct_cpu_alert {
graph [throughput="0.00 batches/s"];

query1 [avg_exec_time_ns="66.766732ms" batches_queried="145932" errors="0" points_queried="145932" working_cardinality="0" ];
query1 -> alert2 [processed="145932"];

alert2 [alerts_inhibited="0" alerts_triggered="71" avg_exec_time_ns="52.304µs" crits_triggered="6" errors="0" infos_triggered="0" oks_triggered="32" warns_triggered="33" working_cardinality="271" ];
alert2 -> influxdb_out3 [processed="71"];

influxdb_out3 [avg_exec_time_ns="14.009µs" errors="0" points_written="71" working_cardinality="0" write_errors="0" ];

Can you verify that the data crossed the threshold? If you’re using Chronograf, you should be able to use the Alert Builder to verify.

and we can see the query was executed at same time and and gave the similar output.