TICK 1.X and InfluxDB2 Life Cycle?

Hi, we would like to do plans for 2/3 years from now, for our current influxdb platform maintenance and it will depends on the expected life cycle for all TICK 1.X tools.

What is the expected roadmap and support ( new features and fixes) for both open and enterprise TICK 1.X platform and how long will be it will match with the new influxdb 2.X version ?

Hi @toni-moreno,

Great question. We will continue support 1.X OSS in the community as we always have. For 1.X Enterprise, that support is indefinite as well.

Since you’re planning 2-3 years out, it’s worth noting that 2.0 is planned to support easily porting over 1.X workloads if you choose to migrate to 2.0. The next generation support InfluxQL (query language of the 1.X line) as well as other languages down the line.

I hope that helps!