Templating snmp configuration

I am currently evaluating/configuring Telegraf 1.26 to collect data from a mid-large server installation, and I’d like to template/refactor the SNMP configuration files.
For example: these option are the same for all agents and all OIDs

  ## Timeout for each request.
  timeout = "1s"
  ## SNMP version; can be 1, 2, or 3.
  version = 2
  ## SNMP community string.
  community = "our-community"
  ## Number of retries to attempt.
  retries = 1
  ## Probe every 5 minutes
  interval = "5m"

Is there a way to configure these option as default for all snmp metrics?
For example in telegraf.conf, while the agents, OIDs, name and conversion would be stored in snmp.conf with a “trimmed” configuration, example below

  ## Agent addresses to retrieve values from.
  agents = ["udp://"]

    oid = "."
    name = "http_status2"
    conversion = "int"

without repeating version, community, retries, timeout… for every agent/oid combination.
I have not seen such an option/configuration plugin, so I would assume the configuration files have to be preprocessed, but I thought I’d ask

Thanks a lot and best regards

@IvanRancati no it’s not possible to template configurations in Telegraf. However, you can generate the configurations using another tool e.g. python + a template engine or similar…