Snmp plugin for collecting metrics in telegraf

I want to use SNMP for collecting metrics in Telegraf , so i modified the file of configuration that exist in the official site “”, but doesn’t working .
Note: that telegraf and influxdb are installed in Centos7 and i want for the moment just control localhost

There are a and a test/snmpd.conf files in the directory you shared. The first is documentation about the configuration, and the second is a configuration file for running tests against the codebase.

If you want to configrue SNMP for Telegraf, you need to edit Telegraf’s configuration file. Depending on how you installed Telegraf, your configuration file might be in one of several locations. If you installed using the RPM packages or repository, you can find the config at /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf. You can find more details in the Getting Started documentation.

how can i get the OID of a device ?
how can i verify that snmp plugin collect metric ,do you know a command?

You’ll need to install snmp and enable OID lookup. There is information about how to do this on the Debian Wiki. Then you can use a tool like snmpwalk to gather information about your devices.

There is a good example for doing this with Telegraf and InfluxDB here: Grafana: Monitor SNMP devices with Telegraf and InfluxDB.

You can run telegraf --test to gather metrics once, print them to stdout, and exit, which should help you verify your metrics.

I do all this modifications but smnp dont collect i have just this msg
should i modify the OID of each measurement ?