Telegraf time microseconds?


time client_ip client_port host path pid program syslog_server syslog_timestamp

1524129916761728248 53842 thw-dv-lamp-01 /data/mnt2/haproxy-2018-04-17_12_13.log 11735 haproxy Apr 15 22:59:59

Is time Micronsecond?


Looks like nanoseconds, you can change the display precision in the influx shell using the precision command:

precision <format>    specifies the format of the timestamp: rfc3339, h, m, s, ms, u or ns

Thanks a lot. I confirm that the default is indeed nano-seconds


Hi Daniel,

I had added precision = “s” to my simple telegraf config:
precision = “s”

However, it seamed not make any difference - i still have ns in my influxdb

Please shed some light.
Thanks a lot in advance


InfluxDB always stores in nanosecond precision internally, so sending this option only rounds to the nearest second. However, this option hasn’t done anything for quite a few versions of Telegraf, instead you can influence the rounding of most inputs by setting the precision option in the agent:

  precision = "" # default is 1s

This doesn’t apply to “Service Inputs” which are the inputs that are event driven instead of interval driven, examples are socket_listener or statsd.


Thanks a lot indeed. Shall try out soon