How do i change time precision?


I found multiple references, videos & docs saying that it’s a good idea to change time precision if you don’t need nanosecond precision. Well, i don’t need it, i would more likely define second, or maybe even minutes as precision unit.

I just can’t find any documentation or explaination about how i’m supposed to do it !

Please help :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it is global property but you can define under the library that you use for inserting the data. e.g. I use GO client library and it has the option to specify the precision as “seconds”.

This is exactly what drives me crazy about influxDB right now :§
You can find a lot of videos, explainations, and even videos about good practice, what you should do or not, etc.

But it’s overall poorly documented : either there is no mention of it in the docs, or it’s not updated and you don’t know if you can trust it. I can’t find any step by step updated tutorial to do anything or any real and complete example.

I’m feeling like nobody really knows what to do or how to do it …

How are you adding the data to the Influxdb? I’m sure the whatever client you are using has this information defined.

e.g. Look at the example for Go and it shows precision as a parameter

I found this afternoon that there were different clients !
Before that, i assumed that it was just the DBMS with the writing HTTP API or Telegraf. So i started to code with node.js to make request with the http api. Then i found there was a node.js client, then i looked into it, and it seems that it’s not up to date.

Edit : Found that there is a node client for influx

So i really don’t know what to do now, and i feel fucked…