Time precision in telegraf output or influxdb

If there is any way to specify default time precision in influxdb or can we convert while sending it from telegraf to influxdb?


  • Collecting data from telegraf inputs.amqp. Data in line protocol with the timestamp in seconds
  • telegraph’s outputs.influxb sends data to influxdb.

Data in line protocol with the timestamp in seconds

Just to clarify, do you mean the line protocol timestamp is formatted like this?:

foo value=42 1518817202

If so, we only have support for nanoseconds currently, other precisions are only supported in the http_listener input, but you could open a new issue.

foo value=42 1518817202

Yes, the data contains timestamp in seconds.

So configurable time precision not supported yet. Is it possible to write custom telegraf plugin on top of the existing amqp_consumer plugin to achieve this? I did look at some of the telegraf plugins, but I’m quite new to Go lang so raising an issue here.

The reason for doing this, we get 2-3 data per sensor per minutes, so second precision makes sense. But to convert into the nanoseconds will take 9 more bytes per message.

You can achieve this by just zero-padding the timestamp to 19 digits (full nanosecond resolution). The system will roll up the datapoints for you during queries.

Already mentioned the reason for not to append 9 zeros, it takes more memory.

If I want only HH:MM:SS but in my influxDB it is coming HH:MM:SS:NS.I want remove ns. How I will do this.