Telegraf temp plugin missing few metrics


I have recently upgraded from telegraf v1.20.4 to 1.24.2 with a package built using go 1.19.2.
In the metrics data output of temp plugin i find some of the metrics missing especially the sensor tag names as _crit, critalarm, _max and _input in 1.24.2.


sensor=coretemp_packageid0_crit temp=98
sensor=coretemp_packageid0_critalarm temp=0
sensor=coretemp_packageid0_input temp=80
sensor=coretemp_packageid0_max temp=88

sensor=coretemp_package_id_0 temp=80

Note that the test data are captured in same machine but with different version of telegraf installed.

Can you clarify the reason for this change?

Saravanan G

See Undocumented regression in `temp` plugin · Issue #11294 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

It was due to a change in the gopsutil library which we reported here: Regression: Temperature changes miss data on linux · Issue #1319 · shirou/gopsutil · GitHub

Thanks for the update.
Is there a fix planned for this bug?
Or should we roll back to previous version?

We did look at a fix in Telegraf to get around this, but it was not the route we wanted to go as it introduced more issues. My suggestion would be to comment if you can on the upstream gopsutil issue or help out there.