Telegraf [inputs.temp] plugin on Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone, I am trying to use Telegraf to monitor the temperature of my Raspberry Pi.

I have previously been using a custom script and [[inputs.exec]] to collect the temperature data (more info at

In Telegraf version 1.8.0, I found that a temperature plugin has been added ( I have been trying to use this plugin to collect temperature data, but it doesn’t seem to return any data nor does it throw up any error messages. Does anyone know if this plugin is supported on the Raspberry Pi?

It doesn’t work to my knowledge, here is a bit more info about the current state though. The plugin is using gopsutil to collect temperature in this plugin, and on Linux it uses the hwmon data from ls -l /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon*/temp*. There is also an open issue about adding this to gopsutil #391.