Telegraf snmp tagexclude

I’m trying to exclude a tag from a snmp measurement but no matter where I put it, it does not exclude it.
snmp config:

 agents = ["udp://"]
   oid = "UCD-SNMP-MIB::laTable"
   name = "laTable"
   tagexclude = ["laLoad"]
     #is_tag = true
     oid = "UCD-SNMP-MIB::laNames"
     tagexclude = ["laLoad"]
 tagexclude = ["laLoad"]


laTable_laLoadInt{laConfig="12.00",laIndex="1",laLoad="1.12",laNames="Load-1"} 112
laTable_laLoadInt{laConfig="12.00",laIndex="2",laLoad="1.16",laNames="Load-5"} 115
laTable_laLoadInt{laConfig="12.00",laIndex="3",laLoad="1.10",laNames="Load-15"} 110

where should I put the tagexclude to make it work?