Telegraf , SNMP Tag keys issue

Hey Hi ,

I’m using oid to get the snmp fields and when i set is_tag = true , the data is missing and the configuration is below

when i remove is_tag = true data is being pushed to the influx db , as without tags i was unable to perform influx db time series analysis

agents = [ “” ]
version = 2
community = “private”
interval = “5s”
timeout = “10s”
retries = 3
oid = “SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0”
name = “hostname”

name = “onu”
inherit_tags = [“hostname”]
name = “rx”
oid = “”
name = “ONUname”
oid = “”
is_tag = true

Can you clarify what your desired result is? Is it working without tagging ? If not, what about it is isn’t working?

The general rule of thumb is do not creat a tag unless you actually need it. Creating extra tags increases series cardinality ,

Goal : To capture multiple interfaces RX Transmission Power

OID 1 : Interface name
OID 2 : RX Transmission power

where currently i’m able to capture these values and push them to influx metrics , but when i try to put analytics in Grafana the interface was not getting listed in SELECT

> select * from interface limit 10
name: interface
time                agent_host      host       hostname ifDescr                        rx
----                ----------      ----       -------- -------                        --
1622968194000000000 TESTIN-NMS V1600G0  GPON03ONU31 jayantilal-bsnl    -14.498(dBm)
1622968199000000000 TESTIN-NMS V1600G0  GPON01ONU4 abbastara           -13.686(dBm)
1622968203000000000 TESTIN-NMS V1600G0  GPON03ONU26                    -17.906(dBm)
1622968210000000000 TESTIN-NMS V1600G0  GPON02ONU9 ashishthakur        -16.218(dBm)
1622968215000000000 TESTIN-NMS V1600G0  GPON02ONU15 YASHWANTMEENA-BSNL -19.548(dBm)

When i tried to make the OID 1 as is_tag = true the data is null , but without tag the data is being pushed

Thanks for replying , awaiting to see how can this be fixed

Your table is called onu instead of interface.

What do you get as output when running telegraf --test?

HI Hipska ,

i just renamed my table from onu to interface

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