Telegraf is missing few data



agents = [ “xxxxxxxx” ]
community = “xxxxxxxxx”
version = 2
timeout = “15s”
interval = “60s”
retries = 3
max_repetitions = 3


name = “Hostname”
oid = “.”
is_tag = true


name = “Dhanam-SyroOLT”
inherit_tags = [ “Hostname” ]
name = “MAC-Address”
oid = “.”
name = “ONU-Rx-Power”
oid = “.”
name = “ONU-Distance”
oid = “.”
name = “ONU-Interface”
oid = “.”
is_tag = true

What is wrong in this conf file
If i set is_tag = true for ONU-Interface telegraf gets mac address and onu interface together and leaves the other two. Then the other two is been flushed separately. If I remove the is_tag = true all are been flushed properly with all datas in single row. Could you help me with it?

Based on the OID strings the issue could be the data being in different tables and not directly line up to what you are trying to use as the tag. Can you provide a walk of each of those OIDs individually? I don’t have an ONU device to test against.

Yea you were right and I solved the issue by calling it with the correct table, Thanks

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