Telegraf , redfish and secrets?

Hello Team,

I am using the latest version of telegraf : 1.29.4 (git: HEAD@4441c4ed)

I setup the ouputs to influxdb2 with secrets (and it works, I had to create secrets under telegraf user context), I tried to add redfish support with the most basic form with a username and password : it works !

Once I moved out the login & password and switch to telegraf secrets for this input (I also added secrets under my telegraf user context) :

The following error message appears in my log :

E! [inputs.redfish] Error in plugin: received status code 401 (Unauthorized) for address https://ipmi-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, expected 200

Here is my dedicated input file for redfish :

  ## Redfish API Base URL.
  address = "https://ipmi-ipmi-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

  ## Credentials for the Redfish API.
  username = "@{telegraf:ipmi_username}"
  password = "@{telegraf:ipmi_password}"

  ## System Id to collect data for in Redfish APIs.

  ## Metrics to collect
  ## The metric collects to gather. Choose from "power" and "thermal".
  include_metrics = ["power", "thermal"]

  ## Tag sets allow you to include redfish OData link parent data
  ## For Example.
  ## Thermal data is an OData link with parent Chassis which has a link of Location.
  ## For more info see the Redfish Resource and Schema Guide at DMTFs website.
  ## Available sets are: "chassis.location" and "chassis"
  # include_tag_sets = ["chassis.location"]

  ## Amount of time allowed to complete the HTTP request
  # timeout = "5s"

  ## Optional TLS Config
  # tls_ca = "/etc/telegraf/ca.pem"
  # tls_cert = "/etc/telegraf/cert.pem"
  # tls_key = "/etc/telegraf/key.pem"
  ## Use TLS but skip chain & host verification
  #insecure_skip_verify = false

Does secrets have requirements regarding secret’s content (I mean character encoding) ?

Do you have this issue too ?

I did not found any info regarding secrets support for Redfish :confused:



That’s because there is not support for secret store in that plugin. Please file a feature request.


Thanks @jpowers, will do