Telegraf package in PfSense not writing data to InfluxDB

I had an original setup of Pfsense with telegraph Package set to forward metrics to InfluxDB and Visualize with Grafana. The setup was working fine. I reverted to a snapshot on the VM with Pfsense with Telegraf package. Every Configuration looks fine on telegraf and InfluxDB. But if I query the DB for current input it seems like telegraf is nolonger writing the metrics to the Database any more and on Grafana its showing no Data Points on the graphs. If you load data from previous times on grafana it actually loads indicating that infuxdb and Grafana they are actually communicating fine, the problem is telegraf is nolonger writing metrics to the DB in real time. Any insights to what could be the issue.

So the Problem was the Time on my Pfsense, It was stating the time as one year ago so the metrics were being logged with past timestamps. Set it to correct time and now everything is fine.