Telegraf on non-english servers



:clap: Greetings,

I have trouble collectings stats with telegraf from non-english windows systems. About half our systems the system language is english and whatever winperf objects I throw it it works perfectly.

Like older github issues below, this is not the case with the Dutch system language set:

This is suppose to be fixed with Telegraf 1.3. Ive tried latest stable and nightly. The Previstasupport config option does not help. Off course I’ve verified the names of these counters but running --test gives me no results on both native language objects or english on those systems.

Is this a regression or am I doing something wrong ?


Non-english support should be working in Telegraf 1.7, here is the most recent issue on this subject.



It seems I had not tested enough; I was only using limited RDS objects as a test case.

After a little further testing, as long as I’m using english winperf object names for common things, it works perfectly!

However using the following winperf objects returns nothing while running get-counter locally works like a charm.

  • “Terminal Services”
  • “RemoteFX Graphics”
  • “Remote Desktop Connection Broker Redirector Counterset”
  • “Remote Desktop Database Counterset”

Basically any winperf object related to Remote desktop services does not return anything. Is there a solution for me to use these objects as I’m trying to monitor an RDS cluster.

Running those objects on an native english host that has those objects available only returns values on “Remote Desktop Database Counterset”, Nothing on the others (with a copy/paste config. No modifications).