Telegraf on CentOS 8


I would like to install Telegraf on CentOS 8. There is no yet.
Should I use these packages?

Regards - Willi

Yes, I haven’t tested but it should work. Currently, it is actually the same rpm for all Redhat/Centos versions. I’ll add in the new version for the next Telegraf patch release (1.12.3).

Hi Daniel,

thank you so much for the quick feedback. Do you know when the next patch release will be released? Will the documentation be updated for CentOS 8 and will the next patch release also include InfluxDB packages for CentOS 8?

Regards - Willi

I added the Centos 8 yum repo today. Contrary to what I said before it is retroactive, all of the TICK stack components are available now. It also appears the instructions are still working, and we won’t need to update them, but let us know if you find any issues.

On the Telegraf release schedule, you can see expected date on the milestones page of GitHub. These dates are subject to change though, so take them with a grain of salt.