Installation InfluxDB centos8 latest version automatic

Hello dear Influx users,
I have installed Influx and telegraf on Centos 8, it is running ok. After this install i found that not 2 is installed but 1.8.
After this i did try the command sudo influxd upgrade, this fails ( Unknown command)
I searched and it seems to not posible.
I was under the assumption that the script below would install the latest stable version ?
So howto proceed, I can goback in my VM and reainstall influx2, but i can not find a working script.
Ik like the script because it installed influx in tehe standard way in the right locations.
@This moment there is no real data in the datebase so, reinstall is possible.

cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/influxdb.repo
name = InfluxDB Repository - RHEL \$releasever
baseurl =\$releasever/\$basearch/stable
enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey =

#Installing and Starting InfluxDB

sudo yum install influxdb
sudo service influxdb start

That repo should have both influxdb 1 and 2 in it. The baseurl has them in the directory. Try removing influxdb and install influxdb2. At the very least there are rpm packages in that directory (

There is a github issue for writing documentation. Not sure if this 100% the legit way they want to support it.

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thx all, it is working.

For other here is nice yt video Data Visualization | 2 | InfluxDB | Installation and Setup on CentOS 7 - YouTube

just replace with the latest version info