is there any way to collect multiple objectname values? using wildcards or regex?
I have a situation where on one big machine I have a lot of SQL SERVER instances (MSSQL$ins0001 to 0030), and I dont want to create one counter inputs for one instance. I woudl like to create one input for multiple objectname instances :]

is it possible?

ObjectName = “MSSQL$ins0001:SQL Statistics”
Counters = [
“Batch Requests/sec”,
Measurement = “sql-Statistics”

thanks and regards,

SQL Server has his own input plugin if you need to gather data, which can be configured with a list of instances.
That said, the WinPerfCounters input plugin allows you to use the wildcard expansion on some values, and by the docs, ObjectName is not one of those values. (but I’m sure you already tried it).

if possible, I would use the sql server input plugin, otherwise, you will have to write a pretty long conf file, which is easy to create but uncomfortable to maintain.