Unable to collect MSSQL$instance_name performance counters


I am trying to collect some metrics of MS SQL Server… I do see some values in perfmon of type: MSSQL$<instance_name>:

So I coded following (as an example of many) in default_perf_counters.conf:
Counters = [“Forwarded Records/sec”, “Full Scans/sec”, “Index Searches/sec”, “Page Splits/sec”]
Instances = ["------"]
Measurement = "mssql_access_methods"
ObjectName = “MSSQL$InstanceName:Access Methods”

After restarting telegraf service, nothing is sent to backend database wrt MSSQL. But if I run telegraf.exe --test I do see the values dumped on screen.

Anyone has any idea about what is wrong? Did anyone experience similar behaviour?

Thanks in advance and kind regards
-Suleyman Kutlu