Telegraf: monitoring SSL certificate


I need check many SSL certificate.
I use x509 Certificate Input Plugin influxdata/telegraf/tree/master/plugins/inputs/x509_cert

this is the config:

  sources = [""]

When run telegraf I have this error:

21-06-17T23:36:00Z E! [inputs.x509_cert] could not find file: &{ false false <nil>}

OS: debian 10
Telegraf 1.19.0

Could you help me, please?

Read the documentation. :smirk:

  sources = ["tcp://"]

same error:

2021-06-18T16:21:00Z E! [inputs.x509_cert] could not find file: &{tcp:// false false }

I tried the config above and it worked - but it was on a win 10 machine.

Do have connectivity at all? Does ping and curl give a response back?

yes, ping con curl are ok.

Here is the issue:

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Ok, my telegraf version was 1.17.3
Maybe go back to the last version 1.18.3

Thanks Franky for help me!