Telegraf metrics /influxdb memory usage

Hi all,

Today I have three config process telegraf with a lot of custom metrics. So I would like to know if there is a ratio number metrics telegraf / Influxdb memory usage or something like that. Today I use one server Influxdb only.

I notice that Influxdb use lot of swap (50% of 1Go) the setup of my physical server ram is 15Go and influx use more than 60 percent

Probably redundant since you already got the answer on Slack but here it is

You can measure both using Telegraf plugins:

  • Telegraf → look at the internal plugin
  • InfluxDB → there is an InfluxDB config option to capture the data called “store-enabled” (officially not recommended for production), or the telegraf input plugin influxdb.The latest extracs few more metrics.

About how to use those data, It’s not always easy but a good starting point about structure and meaning are: