Query for memory utilization for a spesific service running on linux server




I am looking for a query from Grafana, which can fetch the memory utilization details of a running service, I am using telegraf agent, InfluxDB with Grafana.

Please let me know how can we do this, thanks is advance.



Do you have the memory input enable inside the Telegraf config?


Yes, it’s enable but what query should we run to grep the process which is utilizing memory.



Here is an example query.

SELECT mean("available_percent") AS "mean_available_percent" FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."mem" WHERE time > now() - 24h GROUP BY time(10s:), "host" FILL(null)

This will query influx and group by host


Thanks for the reply, but my requirement is check memory utilization for a specific process for exaople- sshd, what should be the query in this case?



You need to run a specific plugin to collect process stats.

Once you set up the procstat input plugin inside Telegraf, then you can query the procstat measurement and get your mem stats


Thanks Esity, yes i have enabled procstat plugin and used this https://grafana.com/dashboards/3387 Top Pannel and able to see one one process (sshd) report but i don’t see alert option here if i use this pannel 3387, is there any possibilities we can also setup alert configuration.

thank you for your help.



You cannot create an alert on a dashboard with Grafana varibales.

You will need to create a dashboard without variables to be able to do alerting. Keep in mind, your queries can still use tag filter from InfluxDB